Great Holiday Food Swaps

Food, food, it’s everywhere!  OK, so we are in the middle of, by most counts, the most difficult time of the year with regard to food availability, parties, beverages, and good old overindulgence.  For many of us, the holiday season is the most difficult with regard to keeping our weight in check.  However, we do often have choices.  Here are some ideas that can help battle the bulge during this zany time of the year:

Rule #1, don’t go to a party hungry.  Rule #2, don’t hang out by the food.  Coming hungry and standing by the spread, can lead to a gastronomical disaster.  When you do have something to eat, hear are some suggestions.  Instead of cheese and crackers go for the shrimp cocktail.  Instead of grabbing that drumstick, go after some ham.  Choose the sweet potatoes over the mashed.  A piece of pumpkin pie is roughly 200 calories less than a piece of pecan pie.  Instead of a White Russian, settle for a glass of wine or light beer.  Opt for hot chocolate over eggnog.  Each one of these swaps will save between 150 and 350 calories.  Remember it all adds up.  A little of this and a little of that and before your know it, we wake up to a New Year’s resolution.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

As we close November, I wanted to remind everyone about diabetes awareness. This is often one of the very first medical issues that surfaces from carrying too much weight over and above our body’s design.  According to the medical community, many of us operate in a prediabetic state for several years before the disease finally surfaces and starts causing real problems.  There is a silver lining here though, Type 2 diabetes (95%) of the cases, is often reversible though weight loss and ongoing weight maintenance.  Remember the weight-loss and weight maintenance equation.  Eat three meals and three snacks, spaced every three hours.  (3 x 3 x 3).  Add some protein at every juncture and it will scare hunger away as well as those uninvited pounds.

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