Ways of Relieving Stress Naturally

From: Diet Minded

It’s impossible to go through life without stress, but it doesn’t have to rule your life. If you have a history of struggling with weight, chances are that stress has played a role in your weight gain and caused your body to create more adrenaline and cortisol than normal. Excess stress related hormones can cause you to eat more and to store more fat.

Control your stress, and you’ll lose weight more rapidly. If you can’t remove the object of your stress, which is the best possible solution, try one or more of the stress busters below.


Commune with Nature

Getting outdoors can work wonders in melting away your problems along with your fat. It’s difficult to conceive of watching a hummingbird float from flower to flower with a tense body. Look up at the sky and watch the clouds go by. Sit on the side of a stream, close your eyes and listen to the water flow. Walk along the beach, taking in the sights, sounds and smells. Watch a sunrise, a sunset or spread a blanket on the ground and stargaze.

Soon, your mind will wander away from your problems and focus on the wonders of nature. Didn’t the act of visualizing these things while reading bring your stress level down a notch? Now, just imagine how actually doing these things is going to lower your stress.


When a cacophony of thoughts starts rattling around your mind, rather than running to the refrigerator, it’s time to quiet the mind, to slow it down. That’s the purpose of meditation, and it does relieve stress—to the point where some people feel like they have had a full night’s sleep after meditating.

You do not have to sit on the floor in a lotus position and chant to reap the benefits of meditation. You’ll find plenty of meditation audios on the Internet, some of them guided meditations. By selecting a weight-loss guided meditation, you kill two birds with one stone—you implant suggestions to lose weight while you slow down your mind to relieve stress.


Burn off that excess stress with rigorous exercise. Whether it’s a power walk, a few minutes of kick boxing or a little weight training, pushing your body to its limit will help to take the edge off. Exercise also rids the body of excess stress hormones.

While controlling stress is important, it’s even more important to remove the cause of the stress. Kicking the stress habit will help you to lose weight faster and to take better control of your health.


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