Robert S.


After being injured in a serious accident, I let my weight get out of hand. I have always been very physically active and hard working, and also a volunteer firefighter. My weight gain made these physical activities difficult. I became self-conscious and was starting to develop high blood pressure.

After hearing an advertisement for Dr. Sasse’s center, iMetabolic®, I met with the staff. They were very friendly, knowledgeable and energetic. I decided to give them a go. I started August 1, 2008. I met with the staff physician who also was very helpful. Upon using iMetabolic®’s nutritional education, eating program and supplements – and putting in a lot of hard work and discipline,  I was able to lose 70 pounds, and my body fat is now one quarter of what it was. My fitness level is very high and my blood pressure is very low.

I am a huge numbers guy and iMetabolic® has a body composition machine. We used the machine on a bi-monthly basis. I found it very motivating to compare and improve my previous results. I cannot thank iMetabolic® and the staff enough.

Robert Shaw — lost 70 pounds

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