Sally K.


I am a 66-year-old grandmother (I was 65 when I started with the iMetabolic® program). After more than 50 years of yo-yo dieting and spending another miserable summer, I was deter- mined to take charge of my life and live instead of just existing.

I saw the commercial for iMetabolic® on T.V. and was drawn to it because this was a medical weight-loss program, and I’d never done that.

Of all the diets and weight-loss programs I’ve been on over the years, I’ve never reached my goal. I know I will here, because kind and caring staff keep me wanting to succeed. I know there are many ways to enjoy my success.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

When I began, I had a lot of health issues
1) High Blood Pressure
2) Scoliosis
3) Poly Cystic ovaries
4) Diabetes
5) High Cholesterol
6) Kidney Disease

Even with these conditions, the nutritionists were able to work out a food plan for me. All I had to do was follow it and get as much exercise as I could. Weight loss was slow, but steady and I’m learning to keep it off. It’s never too late!

Sally Kwapich – lost 76.7 pounds and 46.15 inches. (Her BMI has gone from 40.6 to 28.1! She has become NON DIABETIC and has had her blood pressure meds cut by more than half. Labs show her Kidney Nephropathy is improving as well).

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