Tracey H.

How It All Started

I was severely depressed!! Life was going horribly. My weight had gotten way out of control to the worst point ever. My personal life had crumbled to nothing, people were embarrassed to be seen with me, people were laughing at me in public. Work life was failing to where I couldn’t even walk across the parking lot to begin working. I couldn’t stand for 8 hours, which my work involved. My legs hurt “BAD”! I wasn’t getting any respect, because people saw me as worthless and I felt worthless. I just wanted to hide and not see anyone. That’s what I did after work. I went to the grocery store and stocked up on my favorite goodies, such as baked goods, bread, pizza, or stopped by fast food places, yes more than one in an evening and went home to try and ease the pain of loneliness, hurt, stress and inner unhappiness from being so overweight.

One day, I read in the newspaper, Dr. Sasse’s Bariatric practice was having a seminar at the Nugget in Reno. I asked my mom to go with me as support. Support is a great thing to have. We found the seminar very informative and I went home energized! Until my insurance would not pay for my surgery!!!! A few months later, thanks to Dr. Sasse’s mailing list, I received a card in the mail from IMetabolic. The card invited me to call and find out about this wonderful, non-surgical program.  I had made the decision that I wanted to do this no matter what it took!  I called and made my appointment. I couldn’t wait and I had my first consult with Mark Conte. He’s very easy to talk to and I knew I had found the right place. The same goes for Tracy and Tasha as well as Dr. Moore, they made me feel like family, no judgement of what I looked like and gave me the wonderful tools to start becoming the new and improved me!!!!

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