Tamale Pie Topped with Spoon-bread

Serves 3-4

12 oz. ground beef

½ cup chopped onions

¼ cup chopped green pepper

1 clove crushed garlic

1 cup canned, crushed tomatoes (with juice)

1 cup frozen corn kernels

2 tsp. chili powder

5 TBS cornmeal

¼ tsp. salt

1 cup 1% low-fat milk

1 egg

¼ c shredded lowfat cheddar cheese


Preheat oven to 350°

In a heavy, 10” nonstick skillet over medium heat, brown the beef, breaking it apart with a spoon, until no trace of pink remains. Transfer the meat to a paper towel-lined strainer over a bowl to drain off the fat.

To the skillet, add the onions and peppers. Cook for 3 min., or until the vegetables begin to brown. Add the beef back in with the garlic, tomatoes (with juice), corn, chili powder and 1 TBS of the cornmeal. Bring the misture to a simmer.

Transfer the mixture to a 1 ½ quart ovenproof casserold dish. Set aside. Place the salt and remaining cornmeal in a 2 cup microwave safe glass bowl/cup. Microwave on high for a total of 2 ½ minutes or until the mix comes to a boil. Stop and stir every 30 seconds during this time.

In a small bowl, beat the egg until foamy. Gradually beat in the hot cornmeal, then the cheddar cheese. Pour over the beef mixture and bake for 25-30 minutes or until the topping is slightly puffed and browned.


Calories 329
Carbs 2.9g
Sodium 374mg
Fat 5.9g
Protein 25.8g


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