Exercise Physiology


Exercise physiology is a discipline that studies the effects of exercise on the human body.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the importance of exercise in any weight loss program. iMetabolic strongly encourages regular, safe exercise for all participants in a weight loss program. In fact, exercise is believed to be essential in ensuring that a person will burn fat and retain the lean body mass, or muscle mass, necessary to remain fit. Proper exercise will also help clients avoid “rebound” weight gain that can occur with unsupervised rapid weight loss. Our goal is to give you the tools to succeed for the long term.

Exercise plays a crucial role in the success of any weight loss effort. The best science to date tells us that exercise appears to become the most important when a person is concentrating on the long term, or maintenance phase after weight loss. Losing the pounds initially is most closely associated with reduced calorie consumption, whereas maintaining the weight loss, perhaps the greater challenge, involves changing behaviors and exercising regularly.

What is the best exercise? The answer is, again, individualized. Our experience indicates that the best exercise for a person seeking to maintain weight loss is really any exercise that the person will continue to do in a sustainable fashion, whatever activity it is. In studies of large numbers of patients who have lost weight for the long term, walking 60-90 minutes a day was the most common form of exercise. Our team will help provide you the tools to succeed with long term exercise that is right for you.

We do this by working with you to help you find ways of exercising more during your everyday activities. For example, we will recommend that you park far away from the store entrance every time you shop. And we will provide you with a pedometer, so you can begin paying attention to all the steps you take during the course of a day. We will try to encourage and inspire you, since exercise is not only fun and great for long term weight loss, it is enormously valuable for mental and physical health and longevity.

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