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imetabolic weight loss protein powder

iMetabolic offers a carefully-prepared state-of-the art line of weight loss shakes and snacks. These shakes and snacks form the core of our carefully-designed liquid protein-based weight loss induction programs. Studies demonstrate that calorie-restricted diets that preserve the quantity of protein intake help to create sustainable long term weight loss. Such programs succeed where others fail in both effectiveness and durability. The weight loss formulation prescribed in the iMetabolic Phase I induction medically-supervised programs is balanced to provide sufficient protein and nutrients for preservation of lean body mass. This means you will burn a greater proportion of fat! And it means the weight loss is more durable.

Most of all, the shakes and snacks are convenient, tasty, and satisfying. Their low-carbohydrate formulation makes them a great substitute for the kinds of meals and snacks we so often have when we are on the go.

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