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The iMetabolic weight loss program is crafted from years of research and practical experience by weight loss surgeon and expert Kent C. Sasse, M.D. M.P.H., FACS, FACRS. Meal replacement routines are by far the most effective way to lose body fat specifically while preserving lean body pass. Dr. Sasse felt there was a void in the product offerings for meal replacement products and thus sought to create his own line of products that matched the goals he sought to achieve. A meal replacement routine that is easy to get to day in and day out with great taste is essential to one’s success in creating a proper calorie deficit which will signal the body to release body fat.


Let’s face it; we’ve all done some crazy things to lose some weight. Many things seem to be effective in the short term but few carry well into the long-term. The problem at hand is many weight loss methods jeopardize a person’s lean body mass and thus their innate ability to burn calories. The iMetabolic meal replacement product was designed to combat this specific issue of muscle wasting by leaving lean body mass intact during the weight loss phase.


Everyone needs to see progress when making changes. Especially in the weight loss arena. The key to creating an effective weight loss environment is to combine a calorie deficit (burning more than we consume) while at the same time providing a high sense of satiety (sense of fullness). The iMetabolic meal replacement product has a unique blend of proteins and fiber along with the perfect balance of carbohydrates and fats to provide a smooth sense of fullness for up to three hours.

Speeds Metabolism

By design, the human metabolism, also commonly referred to as the Resting or Basal Metabolic Rate, was intended to burn 70% of our average caloric intake. However, many of us are under utilizing our metabolisms because we are sending starvation signs to the body by eating the wrong things or eating infrequently. Following the iMetabolic eating routine will ensure that your metabolism will be working at top efficiency.

Suppresses Hunger

Humans do not operate well when they are hungry. The iMetabolic eating routine combats hunger with its unique blend of protein and fiber. Correctly followed, the program is very effective in putting hunger in its place.

Easy to Follow

For most of us, if it’s not really easy, then it’s unlikely we create a new habit. The reason meal replacement therapy is so effective is that it’s very easy and super convenient. There is no big planning or preparation. Mix up a shake, maybe blend it with some ice and that’s it. The only thing that’s easier is doing nothing and we all know where that gets us.

Cost Effective

Besides being easy, we all recognize that whatever we are doing has to be cost effective. At roughly $2.00 per serving, the iMetabolic meal replacement product fits the bill. Where else can you get a complete meal with 25 vitamins and minerals for $2.00?


One of the key tenants that we figured out a long time ago is the easier the better with regard to being able to do something in a repetitive fashion. Humans are very much creatures of habit. In order to affect these habits, we believe that our eating routine is as easy as they come.

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