Weight Loss Books

weight loss books

Our philosophy at iMetabolic® is that all books we offer must have a strong relevance and basis in the factors that contribute multidisciplinary approach to weight loss and weight maintenance. Therefore you will only see books that either we have written and published ourselves, with Dr. Kent C. Sasse, our Medical Director or those that we feel strongly add value to our belief system.

One truism with regard to weight loss/maintenance is that food awareness plays a very significant role. You will see titles that offer practical help in the battle against food. iMetabolic offers cook books that are applicable to meal replacement shakes, post gastric surgical patients, as well as books geared toward specific caloric consumption eating plans. Dr. Kent C. Sasse, iMetabolic Medical Director, will offer titles on various subjects where his intent is to share scientific medical evidence of what really works as it relates to weight loss/maintenance. Dr. Sasse has dedicated his entire professional career to weight loss and weight maintenance and has a plethora of experience and a strong desire the share that knowledge and information with others

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