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New moms signing up for innovative postpartum weight loss plan with iMetabolic’s medically and science-based program

Reno medical weight loss center looking for 50 new moms to participate in a  12-week “Nine Months On, Nine Months Off” weight loss plan in exchange for each mom’s personal weight loss story.

RENO, NEV. (May 7, 2010): New moms in the Reno area looking to get their pre-baby bodies back can register now for a free 12-week Phase 1 session of iMetabolic’s innovative Nine Months On, Nine Months Off postpartum weight loss program.

Excessive body weight can be a real burden on new mothers, leading to body aches and decreased energy levels during a time when they can least afford such symptoms. In addition, more serious medical conditions such as sleep apnea and diabetes can develop if excess pregnancy weight is maintained over long periods of time.

Created by nationally acclaimed physician,  Dr. Kent C. Sasse, M.D., iMetabolic’s Nine Months On, Nine Months Off program is a science-based medically-supervised weight loss plan designed to help moms maintain their energy levels while losing unwanted pregnancy weight safely.

“New moms often don’t realize how self-sacrificing their life becomes as family responsibilities pull them in new directions,” said Erin Wallace of iMetabolic. “They often forget about themselves, and whether they’re stressed or tired, they go towards food for energy or comfort, which doesn’t help them shed the weight they gained during pregnancy.”

Numerous studies over the past decade have shown that excess weight gain during pregnancy – over and above what is normal and healthy – leads to greater retention of weight after childbirth. So according to Dr. Sasse, women are “far better off watching their weight and carefully regulating the amount of weight gain that occurs during pregnancy.”

However, once that weight has been gained, either during pregnancy or beforehand, losing those unwanted pounds is still possible with a commitment to a medically-supervised weight loss program.

Participants in the Phase 1 trial of Nine Months On, Nine Months Off will receive a free copy of Dr. Sasse’s book, “Life Changing Weight Loss” (a $22.95 value), as well as 12 weeks of individual weekly Health Coach visits (a $420 value) to help them stay on track and prepare for a healthy post-childbirth lifestyle.

Moms in the program only need to commit to purchasing one tub of iMetabolic high-protein meal-replacement powder and one box of protein bars each week during the program, for approximately $69 per week – less than most people typically spend on food. iMetabolic’s meal-replacement regimen makes eating well hassle free, allowing new moms more time for their hundreds of other commitments.

In exchange for the $442.95 in complementary products and services, iMetabolic asks program participants to share their personal weight loss stories – the successes and hiccups before, during and after the program.

To learn more about iMetabolic’s free Phase 1 trial of their Nine Months On, Nine Months Off program, call (775) 829-7999 or come by the center located at 971 West Moana Lane, in Reno, Nevada. The free offer will only be extended to the first 50 new moms to sign up, so call or stop by today.


About iMetabolic

iMetabolic is a medically-based, medically-supervised, weight loss system created by acclaimed physician, author, and bariatric surgeon Kent C. Sasse, M.D. that integrates all the scientifically-validated elements of successful weight reduction to maximize long term health. The International Metabolic Institute, which administers the iMetabolic program, is located at 971 West Moana Lane, in Reno, Nevada. For more information please visit, email or call (877) 464-5673.

About Kent C. Sasse, M.D.

Dr. Kent C. Sasse, M.D., MPH, FACS, founded the International Metabolic Institute in Reno, Nevada, to bring state-of-the-art medical and scientific principles of physiologic weight reduction to those in need. Dr. Sasse completed his medical education at the University of California San Francisco, where he was honored with several awards, including membership in the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Society for top medical graduates in the country. He went on to complete Residency training in Surgery at the University of California San Francisco, where he focused on gastrointestinal surgery and physiology. Upon moving to northern Nevada, Dr. Sasse founded the Western Bariatric Institute, a nationally recognized surgical weight loss center and ASBS Center of Excellence, where he serves as medical director. Dr. Sasse dedicates himself to compassionate, thoughtful, and individualized care of the patient.

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