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iMetabolic offers new moms a medically-supervised weight loss program designed just for them

Scientifically tested system created by medical weight loss expert Kent C. Sasse, M.D., takes post-pregnancy blood chemistry, metabolic and emotional factors into account in designing customized weight-loss plans.

RENO, NEV. (February 11, 2010): New moms have enough on their minds without having to sort through the myriad diet and exercise plans available to take off the excess baby weight often gained during pregnancy.

But while getting one’s body back after having a baby is often put on the back burner, it’s not something that should be put off for long.

“The one thing that’s really critical for women, especially after childbirth, is to get back to feeling good about their bodies,” said Mark Conte, CEO of iMetabolic. “There can often be post-partum depression and body chemistry changes that make new mothers feel somewhat off, and taking their weight down helps improve the repercussions of all that stuff. Plus, it allows that mom to get her body back and prepare to have a second child, potentially, without adding another 50 or 100 pounds to the equation.”

In order to take the guesswork out of getting back to an ideal weight after pregnancy, bariatric surgeon and iMetabolic Medical Director Kent C. Sasse, M.D., adapted the pre- and post-surgical diet, exercise and counseling programs his surgical weight loss patients receive into an all-encompassing, scientifically tested system designed for successful weight reduction and maximum long-term health – the iMetabolic program.

The iMetabolic program approaches weight loss and weight maintenance from a holistic, medical perspective – bringing together the latest research on nutrition, metabolism, blood chemistry, hormone levels, sleep and the psychology of eating in a personalized program designed around the busy American lifestyle, especially that of new moms.

iMetabolic clients have access to a staff of medical experts, including bariatric physicians, psychological counselors and exercise physiologists, who will plan a customized weight loss program designed to shed any unwanted baby weight and establish long-term healthy lifestyle habits to keep the weight off.

“If a person does not approach weight loss from the correct perspective, things can go wrong,” Conte said. “For example, by not eating enough protein, their body will cannibalize their lean body mass over time. And if you lose lean body mass while going through a weight loss sequence, your body burns calories less efficiently, making it easier to regain weight.”

Ironically, one of the first changes most new mothers will have to make when starting the iMetabolic program is to eat more often – six times per day is recommended – in order to keep their metabolism at optimal levels. Something that might not seem as strange to new mothers used to the eating-all-the-time routine of pregnancy.

“Meal skipping is probably one of the single worst things people can do for their metabolism,” Conte said. “The more meals you skip, the more your blood sugar will go up and down, and the more signals your body will send to store fat.”

To meet the six-meal-a-day goal, iMetabolic has developed a line of meal-replacement shakes and bars designed to take the stress and guesswork out of eating right. But for those who don’t wish to give up certain foods, iMetabolic counselors will work to create a flexible meal plan that supports their clients’ weight loss and long-term health goals.

iMetabolic is not a quick means to losing unwanted weight gained during pregnancy. Rather, it is a holistic, physician-supported program designed to establish healthy eating and exercise habits that will promote long-term weight maintenance.

About Kent C. Sasse, M.D.

Dr. Kent C. Sasse, M.D., MPH, FACS, founded the International Metabolic Institute in Reno, Nevada, to bring state-of-the-art medical and scientific principles of physiologic weight reduction to those in need. Dr. Sasse completed his medical education at the University of California San Francisco, where he was honored with several awards, including membership in the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Society for top medical graduates in the country. He went on to complete Residency training in Surgery at the University of California San Francisco, where he focused on gastrointestinal surgery and physiology. Upon moving to northern Nevada, Dr. Sasse founded the Western Bariatric Institute, a nationally recognized surgical weight loss center and ASBS Center of Excellence, where he serves as medical director. Dr. Sasse dedicates himself to compassionate, thoughtful, and individualized care of the patient.

About iMetabolic

iMetabolic is a medically-based, medically-supervised, weight loss system created by bariatric surgeon Kent C. Sasse, M.D., that integrates all the scientifically-validated elements of successful weight reduction to maximize long term health. The International Metabolic Institute, which administers the iMetabolic program, is located at 971 West Moana Lane, in Reno, Nevada. For more information please visit www.iMetabolic.com, email info@iMetabolic.com or call (877) 464-5673.


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