Key Components of a Weight Loss Program

Research has demonstrated that there are important distinctions that define success in a weight loss program.The most critical piece is that the program be medically-based, focusing on principles of healthy, physiologic weight reduction and maintenance. Studies have demonstrated that a Phase I or initial weight reduction plan must include a balanced nutritional intake with sufficient protein and vitamin supplementation to maximize the burning of fat while preserving the lean body mass, or muscle mass. Together with exercise, this medically-formulated approach results in preservation of muscle, and avoids the rebound weight gain some people experience after dieting.

The second key to a successful program is the long term approach that builds in strategies and tools for success beyond the initial weight reduction. At iMetabolic, these tools become part of your plan from day 1, and they include tools for healthy eating, healthy activity, behavior counseling, cooking and meals. Any program that seeks more than the short term weight loss must include a Phase II and Phase III and beyond, so the long term goals of healthier living can be successfully achieved.

Being positive is the third key to success. iMetabolic is the most positive place you will encounter, from the people who greet you at the door, to the doctors and professionals who provide care, to the support groups, counselors, fitness trainers and experts who serve as guest speakers at iMetabolic. The atmosphere is about positive change for healthy living, and you can feel it in the air.

Integration is the fourth key to success. iMetabolic provides an integrated approach that takes the best of medically-validated medications, treatments, nutritional formulations and techniques, and combines them with the best of behavior therapy, fitness counseling, nutrition education, and healthy cooking. The best results stem from a multidisciplinary approach, with the integration of caring professionals from across all the disciplines that impact weight management.

Convenience and access are the fifth keys to success. iMetabolic provides convenient center locations and online alternatives that allow clients to access the private client portal. Medical-grade nutrition products and vitamins you’ll need are available as an online order, or for pickup in the center.

The sixth and final key is that iMetabolic is economical. You’ll find that despite the high-powered faculty, the medical supervision and formulation, the multidisciplinary team approach, the contributions of national experts, and a nationally known chef, the cost of the programs is less than what you might think. In fact, enrolling in our center usually results in a net cost saving to the person who would otherwise be spending hard-earned dollars on restaurant food and unhealthy snacks.

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